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About company

The VITON® full-service construction company was established in 2013 for any customer with a working business who wants to own a fast-moving building from 1,000m2 using advanced European technology. 

We are ready to provide professional services for those who can afford to contract with us and who are not prepared to waste their precious time on independent construction, distracting them from their main source of income in their business.

If necessary, we will take care of all tasks! 
From consultation, permitting, design, preparation for construction and delivery of a turnkey project - which will not require major and inline repairs during its entire life cycle.

We adhere to the following principles in our work:

  • We work to a clear timetable; 
  • The final cost approved in the estimate remains unchanged;  
  • Progressive payment;  
  • Minimal costs with optimal solutions.  

Our employees have extensive experience in the design, fabrication and construction of fast, energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings, using sandwich panels.

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