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Quickly erected buildings from VITON® in all regions of Ukraine are the best proof of professionalism. We are justifiably proud of our erected facilities and we are constantly improving our professional and technical skills in the turnkey construction of BMZs.

24 | Auto Baza Store

Auto shop 1200m2 s.Gatnoe

23 | Supermarket

Supermarket of food and household goods 2200m2 Zhytomyr

22 | Complex AQUAFARM

Aquaponic farm 1600m2 Vasilkov

21 | Production workshop

Meat processing workshop 900m2 in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

20 | Service station

Service station for 13 posts 1028m2 in Kiev

19 | Sports complex

Swimming pool, gym 1080m2 in Zhytomyr

18 | Grain elevator

Highly mechanized grain storage for 8000 tons in the Kiev region

17 | Fruit storage

Fruit storage - storage for fruits 1500m2 in Nikolaev