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Quickly erected buildings from VITON® in all regions of Ukraine are the best proof of professionalism. We are justifiably proud of our erected facilities and we are constantly improving our professional and technical skills in the turnkey construction of BMZs.

16 | Petrol station UPG

Car filling station petrol station 800m2 in Bucha

15 | Production workshop

Woodworking shop 1600m2 in Kharkov

14 | Garage

Garage for storage of equipment 1200m2 in Boryspil region

13 | Hangar

Agricultural hangar for machinery 4500m2 in the Kiev region

12 | Grain elevator

Compact processing grain elevator 1300m2 in Zhashkiv region

11 | Car showroom NISSAN

Car dealership of sale and service of cars Nissan 1400m2 in Boryspil region

10 | Fisheries

Farm complex for year-round fish farming 2000m2 in the Volyn region

9 | Industrial complex

Administrative and production complex 3000m2 in the Kiev region