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Quickly erected buildings from VITON® in all regions of Ukraine are the best proof of professionalism. We are justifiably proud of our erected facilities and we are constantly improving our professional and technical skills in the turnkey construction of BMZs.

9 | Industrial complex

Administrative and production complex 3000m2,
in the Kiev region

8 | Technical buildings

Industrial technical building 960m2,
in Boryspil region

7 | Logistic complex

Logistic center for optimal organization of commodity flows 33000m2,
in the village of Vishnevoe

6 | Production workshop

Complex for the production of MDF 2000m2,

5 | Vegetable storage

Complex vegetable storehouse for storing onions and vegetables 5000m2,
in the Kiev region

4 | Warehouse

Warehouse complex for storage of inventory items 1800m2, in Boryspil

3 | Logistic center

Customs transport and logistics center 20000m2,
in the Boryspil region

2 | Poultry houses

Complex for keeping and raising poultry 6000m2,
in Kamenets Podolsky